Little Guardian Age 5-8

Our little guardian’s class for ages 5-8 focuses on self-control, respect for others, and the importance of having a positive attitude. Pre-school age children have different physical, mental and emotional developmental needs than their older peers in the junior class. For this reason, the Little Guardian curriculums are developed specifically to meet the requirements of children in each age group. Physically in these age groups we focus on developing balance, coordination and gross motor skills. We also spend a great deal of time teaching students how to listen, focus and follow directions. These are the essential skills necessary to be successful in our junior karate program as well as to be successful in school and at home. For this reason, there are no technical standards in these programs. Students demonstrating knowledge of the material and a basic ability to perform it will qualify to graduate to the next level. Sometimes parents of young students would like them to progress more quickly than they are physically, mentally or emotionally capable of. Setting appropriate expectations for the age and maturity level of each student is very important at this early stage in a students’ training. Each student will have plenty of time to develop their technical standards once they graduate to the junior program.