Is this Tae Kwon Do?

Our primary style of martial arts is call “LOTUS”

Originating in Ubonrachatahani (Ubon), Thailand, by Grand Master & Founder Precha Mahachanavong,   Lotus style karate is a blend of Muay Thai kickboxing, Chinese Kenpo karate, Aikido and judo.  It’s popular today to practice mixed martial arts, but Ajarn Precha was forming his mixed martial art when it was not common to see.

Though it has some grappling aspects, Lotus is primarily a striking art.  Combining techniques of Muay Thai, Judo and Chinese Kenpo karate, Lotus is a highly effective close quarter combat system.  Your early training will have an emphasis on  Kenpo karate with regard to fundamentals, stances, footwork, and striking.  As you progress there will be an increased focus in Aikido, Judo & Thai boxing.