Ajarn Jay

Ajarn Jay


Ajarn Jay Henderson is a second generation Lotus black belt with over twenty years of martial arts experience. Jay began studying Lotus Self-Defense in 1991 under Jack J. Gentry at West Charlotte recreation center in Charlotte, North Carolina. John is currently a certified personal trainer through America Muscle and Fitness (AMFPT), Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach (MMACA) and also experienced in the fundamental training of local night club security.

With over 15 years’ teaching experience, Jay is now the Owner/ Chief Instructor of Legacy Martial Arts & Fitness where he is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Lotus Self Defense. He understands that today’s generation needs active role models who they can admire and it is getting harder and harder for parents to find reinforcement for the values and principles that they would like to see in their children. Legacy Martial Arts & Fitness is dedicated to personal growth in themselves and in their students and operates on the belief that what you learn and practice in the “Dojo” should be applied to everyday life.

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