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Here are just few reasons that Martial Arts is GREAT for Adults.

1. Boost Your Self-Confidence

As a martial arts student, the goals you set, the respect you give to the incredible history of the discipline and the positive encouragement you receive lead to greater feelings of self-confidence in your daily life. If you aim for high goals, as a martial arts student, you experience further belief in yourself to accomplish whatever you set out to do

2. Learn Self-Defense

During classes, students practice realistic self defense techniques. These powerful moves give you a valuable repertoire of self-defense skills. There are also a number of martial arts benefits for women specifically. As you attain confidence in your ability to throw punches, you gain life-saving techniques that can protect you in the face of danger.

3. Relieve Stress

Students report that martial arts practices dissolve stress. The awareness and control of breathing that you develop allow an easy escape route for stress. Since martial artists are trained to focus on the present task, distractions melt away into the background, also helping to significantly lessen the stress accumulated throughout the day. Martial arts students also experience a reduction in frustration, tension and anxiety.

4. Give Yourself a Full Workout

Practicing martial arts gives you a complete, full body workout. When you engage in this training, you are utilizing incredible physical energy. As a result, strength, balance, flexibility and stamina increase proportionally to your dedication to the discipline. Also, Martial Arts moves involve crossing the midline of the body, which has been proven to increase proprioception and brain health.

5. Improve Your Heart Health

When you participate in martial arts classes, you undergo intense cardiovascular workouts. The martial arts stress the heart, leading to improvements in your cardiovascular health. Plus, high-intensity training sessions give practitioners an improved level of fitness, which lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.

6. Lose Weight

Every martial arts training session involves intense physical movements that burn calories. One hour of moderate martial arts training can burn up to 500 calories. Plus, martial arts students discover they tend to naturally crave less food. When eating becomes more regulated over time through martial arts training, you see a reduction in body weight.


All skill and fitness levels are welcome.

From fitness to fighting, Legacy Martial Arts & Fitness has it all.

We believe all people can experience the benefits of Martial Arts. Whether you want to get fit while learning a new skill or you want to compete at the highest level we have a program for you.


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